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SYGMO for COVID-19 – telemedicine platform




The SYGMO for COVID-19 telemedicine platform is based on a mobile application that can be used by an employee (patient) to fills in a self-check questionnaire and on an advanced Data Analysis Center system. The data sent to the system by means of the mobile application are analyzed by the consulting physicians. The system itself generates alerts based on advanced algorithms for presentation of the results of symptom analysis.

When a high-risk of COVID-19 is identified, the medical consultant contacts the employee directly to conduct an interview and recommend further actions.

The communication is bidirectional and the user of the application - in the event of unclear symptoms or doubts related to his/her health - can contact a medical consultant (doctor) using a special form. If a completed questionnaire is not sent, the system initiates sending a text message with a reminder.

The essential aspects and the technology of the project were developed together with experts from the Military Medical Institute and a team of doctors - experts in infectious diseases, internal medicine, and cardiology.

The system is undergoing continuous development, based on the results of scientific research, guidelines of conduct, applicable regulations and, most importantly, expert opinions.

The SYGMO for COVID-19 telemedicine system meets all requirements related to the security of sensitive personal data. It is based on the latest server infrastructure.

The user's application is independent of the operating system and works seamlessly on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Examples of use

See the example of use of the SYGMO for COVID-19 telemedicine system in the Enterna Medica Center for Modern Medicine

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